Founded in 1990, ASIA KHAIR CO, with the “A” logo, is one of the most innovative and cost-effective Import & Export and Treading Business Company in Bangladesh. The Business research and development equipment is first-class in Bangladesh, and we have a research and development team composed of professional technicians. Focusing on the field of our business, we provide customers with excellent quality characteristic best products to reduce the product cost of customers. Our unique professional services customize products for customers, so that customers can enjoy more innovative delicious. We have more than about 400 products, and has excellent performance and high reputation in food and beverage and other industries. Timely and accurate to provide customers with the most professional, the most sincere service, long-term commitment to create value for customers, and together with customers to obtain business opportunities and success.

Our Products:

Spicies: Cassia, Cinnamon, Cumin seeds, Cloves, Green and Black Cardamom, Black Paper, & Others Spices.

Herbs: Catechin, Gambier, Catechu, Khoyear, Cutch,  Betelnut.

Food Flavour sole agent ( Guangzhou City BaiXin Biotechnology co. Ltd, China)

Leather items (Black Snow)


ঠিকানা: এশিয়া খয়ের কোং, ঈশ্বরদী